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GIS Graphics Files and Hardcopy plots

Many plots have been generated in support of the ICBEMP. The Assessment and Draft EIS documents contain the major plot products that have been developed. Several of these GIS products have been made available as either an Arc/Info graphic file or as hardcopy plots. Hardcopy plots have been essential for displaying the biophysical, aquatic, social, economic and biological conditions of the Basin.
ICBEMP Terrain Basemap
(File name: PLOTTERN)
(640x480) (960x800)
plottern.tar.Z (50312333 Bytes)
plottern.exe (42204119 Bytes)

Map - ICBEMP Area with County Boundaries
(File name: PLOTCNTY)
(640x480) (960x800)
plotcnty.tar.Z (10225843 Bytes)
plotcnty.exe (7076734 Bytes)

Map - ICBEMP Area with Subbasins
(File name: PLOTSUB2)
(640x480) (960x800)
plotsub2.tar.Z (10602495 Bytes)
plotsub2.exe (7378849 Bytes)

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