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Disturbance related information such as wildfire locations, historical and current fire regimes, and rural population wildland interface fire risk areas are included in this theme group. This information was useful in describing historical and current landscape disturbances and areas at possible risk of disturbance.

Disturbance - Current Fire Regimes (SDEIS)
(File name: BGBCFRSD)
(640x480) (960x800)
bgbcfrsd.tar.Z (467975 Bytes)
bgbcfrsd.exe (379267 Bytes)

Disturbance - Fire History Study Sites
(File name: BVBFIRHL)
(640x480) (960x800)
bvbfirhl.tar.Z (264944 Bytes)
bvbfirhl.exe (111269 Bytes)

Disturbance - Fire Locations
(File name: BVBFIRLC)
(640x480) (960x800)
bvbfirlc.tar.Z (4634911 Bytes)
bvbfirlc.exe (3158383 Bytes)

Disturbance - Historical Fire Regimes (SDEIS)
(File name: BGBHFRSD)
(640x480) (960x800)
bgbhfrsd.tar.Z (453347 Bytes)
bgbhfrsd.exe (354311 Bytes)

Hardy & Burgan Fire and Fuels Database (File name: BDBFIREF)
UNIX (93305 Bytes)
WINDOWS (66945 Bytes)

Human Ecological Interaction (BLM/FS)
(File name: BGBHUMAN)
(640x480) (960x800)
bgbhuman.tar.Z (414593 Bytes)
bgbhuman.exe (271722 Bytes)

Noxious Weeds Database
(File name: BDBNOX)
(640x480) (960x800)
bdbnox.tar.Z (8208 Bytes)
bdbnox.exe (148799 Bytes)

Risk of Human Ecological Interaction (Trends)
(File name: BGBHUMEC)
(640x480) (960x800)
bgbhumec.tar.Z (742296 Bytes)
bgbhumec.exe (403879 Bytes)

Rural Population/Wildland Interface Areas
(File name: BGBRUWLD)
(640x480) (960x800)
bgbruwld.tar.Z (528922 Bytes)
bgbruwld.exe (323288 Bytes)

Rural Population/Wildland Interface Fire Risk
(File name: BGBRISK)
(640x480) (960x800)
bgbrisk.tar.Z (314065 Bytes)
bgbrisk.exe (226282 Bytes)

Societal Risk to/from Ecological Integrity
(File name: BGBSOCRK)
(640x480) (960x800)
bgbsocrk.tar.Z (363247 Bytes)
bgbsocrk.exe (219929 Bytes)

Susceptibility to Noxious Weed Invasion
(File name: BGBNOXWD)
(640x480) (960x800)
bgbnoxwd.tar.Z (1220999 Bytes)
bgbnoxwd.exe (439172 Bytes)

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