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Eastside Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project
May 1997

United States Department of Agriculture
Forest Service
United States Department of the Interior
Bureau of Land Management


Instructions for Viewing and/or Downloading the Draft Environmental Impact Statement

The Eastside Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) is available for public viewing and downloading. The DEIS is divided into several Adobe Acrobat PDF (portable document format) files. In order to view the document, you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed on your PC. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader v3.0 installed on your computer, this software is available free of charge from the Adobe Home Page which can be accessed by clicking on the icon below.

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The DEIS includes the Preferred Alternative selection and two volumes. Volume 1 contains a summary and Chapters 1-5. Volume 2 contains the Appendices. All maps, figures, and tables are embedded within PDF files. At the bottom of each page of the DEIS is a table of contents button which when selected will send you to the table of contents within the current volume you are browsing.

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Eastside Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Preferred Alternative Number of Pages PDF File size (bytes)
Preferred Alternative
View PDF
9 pages 125K
Volume 1 ~ Chapters 1 through 5 Number of Pages PDF File size (bytes)
View PDF
6 pages 211K
Table of Contents
View PDF
22 pages 325K
View PDF
33 pages 691K
Chapter 1 ~ Introduction

Proposed Action
Purpose and Need for Action
Public Participation
Decisions To Be Made

View PDF
30 pages 1.5MB
Chapter 2 ~ Affected Environment

Section 1 of 2
Purpose and Organization of This Chapter
Historical Conditions
Physical Environment
Terrestrial Ecosystems

Section 2 of 2
Aquatic Ecosystems
Human Uses and Values
American Indians
Integrated Summary of Forestland, Rangeland, and Aquatic Integrity

View PDF (1 of 2)
116 pages 10.8MB

View PDF (2 of 2)
127 pages 8.9MB
Chapter 3 ~ Alternatives

Section 1 of 3
Description of the Alternatives
Objectives and Standards

Section 2 of 3
Objectives and Standards

Section 3 of 3
Comparison of Alternatives
User's Guide

View PDF (1 of 3)
88 pages 9.6MB

View PDF (2 of 3)
50 pages 596K

View PDF (3 of 3)
90 pages 769K
Chapter 4 ~ Environmental Consequenses

Effects of the Alternatives on Physical Aspects of the Ecosystems
Effects of the Alternatives on Terrestrial Aspects of the Ecosystems
Effects of the Alternatives on Aquatic Aspects of the Ecosystems
Effects of the Alternatives on Human Uses and Values
Effects of the Alternatives on American Indians/Tribes
Effects of the Alternatives on Ecological Integrity and Social/Economic Resiliency
Cost Analysis

View PDF
221 pages 3.3MB
Chapter 5 ~ Consultation and Coordination

List of Preparers
Agencies and Organizations Contacted

View PDF
22 pages 360K
View PDF
26 pages 446K
View PDF
13 pages 215K
View PDF
6 pages 173K
View PDF
1 page 53K
Volume 2 ~ Appendices Number of Pages PDF File size (bytes)
View PDF
3 pages 242K
Table of Contents
View PDF
12 pages 249K
Appendix 1-1 ~ Supporting Science, Laws, and Land Use Plans
View PDF
6 pages 429K
Appendix 1-2 ~ American Indian Background Information
View PDF
92 pages 5.5MB
Appendix 1-3 ~ Public Involvement
View PDF
10 pages 315K
Appendix 1-4 ~ Issue Identification
View PDF
14 pages 352K
Appendix 1-5 ~ Benefits and Risks of the Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project
View PDF
2 pages 205K
Appendix 2-1 ~ Terrestrial and Aquatic Species
View PDF
36 pages 1.6MB
Appendix 2-2 ~ Rangeland Succession Models and Noxious Weeds
View PDF
14 pages 401K
Appendix 2-3 ~ Mineral Resources
View PDF
12 pages 328K
Appendix 3-1 ~ Implementation Framework
View PDF
38 pages 592K
Appendix 3-2 ~ Guidelines
View PDF
38 pages 581K
Appendix 3-3 ~ Alternative Development Background
View PDF
36 pages 672K
Appendix 3-4 ~ Direction for RCAs and RMOs
View PDF
24 pages 613K
Appendix 4-1 ~ Geographical Information System (GIS)
View PDF
12 pages 397K
Appendix 4-2 ~ Rationale for Viability Compliance
View PDF
42 pages 636K

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